For Twintex Fashion Means Emotions

Although Fashion and Ecology might not seem to mix at first sight, since Fashion can be related to short-term trends and materialism, at Twintex we believe that both can live in harmony. Twintex demonstrates this.

The Eco Fashion concept intends to demonstrate that Ecology and Fashion can live in harmony

For Twintex, Eco Fashion is a concept which embraces the actual philosophy of sustainability, which objective is developing a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility.

Twintex is therefore introducing Eco-Conscious methods of Product Development and Production through the use of environmentally Friendly Energy and Materials, and Socially Responsible methods of production.

For Twintex, the Eco Fashion Concept compromises four mainlines such as Environment; Social Values; Transparency and Preservation of Traditional handicraft techniques.

The Twintex Eco Fashion Concept is more than a Project. It is a true commitment for Twintex.

Some of the initiatives already in place:

1. The year of 2013, represented the realization of a dream coming true to Twintex, which is the production of 30% of its own electricity through photovoltaic panels, representing another massive reduction on CO2 emissions.

2. Thermo effective roof in the production area. Twintex selected a state of art composite that does not allow hot temperatures to get into the building in the summer, and prevents the hot temperature to leave the building during winter.

3. The heating boiler that produces the indispensable vapor for ironing in intermediate operations, finishing and pressing department no longer runs on industrial diesel. Now it runs on natural gas. A cleaner and super efficient combustible, which allows reductions on emissions estimated on 15%, as well as cleaner environment in this working area. Also the diesel used to be transported by truck weekly to TWINTEX is no longer used, as we are using the public gas pipe line. These combined actions reduce even more the Carbon Footprint.

4. All exterior glasses heading South at Twintex received a mirror treatment that expels the UV Radiation and keeps internal temperature stable. The reduction in the use of air conditioning is massive, again reducing the energy spending and the CO2 emissions all year round.

5. All our waste resulting from production is carefully separated and sent to recycling. We have signed protocols with Recycling Companies who collect the waste directly in our plant.

6. In all areas not productive of the plant (including warehouses; offices or cafeterias) the waste is separated by all employees into special colored containers, allowing a most effective recycling process.

7. The new trouser production chain, launched last 26th of September already has a total of 80 bulbs with the ECO tube concept. This bulb allows us to reduce in 50% the number of bulbs existing in the same area, because it has twice the bright than normal, and less than half of the consumption. This solution was proven to be more efficient than the existing LED technology.

8. Non use of paper to produce cutting plans: cutting plans are wire sent to automatic cutting machine that cuts fabric directly without paper plans. This saves kilometers of paper rolls that are no longer needed; also the transportation of those rolls to our plant is now avoided.

9. Every machinery we are buying now and on, and every investment done, has an Environmental concern.

10. Use of water heating solar panels, this action allows the water to heat naturally before going into the boiler reducing the heating gap from 5/6º to 100ª, to 75º/78º to 100º. This reduces the amount of time the boiler has to work from cold start every morning, and also every time it runs during the day.