Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the Sales Terms


1.1 The definitions and rules of interpretation in this condition apply in these conditions.

“Group” the Buyer and any Subsidiary...

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What we do

Twintex re-invests every year the most significant part of the profit obtained. We believe that this will brighten our performance, and therefore improve client satisfaction. Last January 2010, Twintex acquired a top of the art Needle Cutting Table, specific for cutting stripes, squares or sliding fabric. This special needle table allows us to save on fabric consumption and improve on cutting accuracy, due to a tighter stabilization of the fabric.

Special decorative stitchings are one important issue nowadays for Top brands. In order to always keep up with the highest standards, Twintex is armed with 12 special stitching machines, between AMF and Columbian Stitching.

How do you quote your prices?

Prices are competitively quoted, respecting every instruction from clients from components, to design or finishing details. Quite often they are adapted to the available budget, through the outsourcing of specific components, or the adaptation of design details. Due to the maturity of our 30 year experience, our prices are probably more competitive today than ever.

Do you develop patterns?

Our dedicated team of pattern designers, using the most updated Lectra software, has the capability of reproducing the garments which Your designers idealize, from a simple sketch or photo, and a basic measurement chart.

Each pattern designer manages only designated clients, to make sure the full concept of each label is truly understood and respected.

What services do you provide?

Twintex only uses the latest machinery and technology available for clothing industry. Our production process offers our clients a full range of options, to better suit their needs and organizations:

• Full Price/ Vertical Service: Includes every materials and fabrics used: it is a ready made garment.
• C.M.T.: Cutting, Manufacturing and Trimmings are supplied by Twintex, and the Client provides the fabric.
• C.M.: Cutting and Manufacturing are done by Twintex, every component, trimming, accessory and fabric is supplied by the Client.

Which markets do you operate?

In markets which we operate, we are known for only working with the finest. Be one of the FINEST! Markets where Twintex already operates: Brasil, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA

Twintex in numbers:

Nr. of employees: 385
Turnover: approx. 20M/year
Size of the plant: 6000 SQM

Garments produced per day:

400 Jackets; Blazers, Coats or dresses, 400 Trousers; skirts or shorts.
Total: 800 garments per day

950 produced in our twon industrial plants, one flexible production chain produces 150 units a day, 400 produced by satellite partners SELECTED and CONTROLLED by outsourcing teams