Our Services

Research & Development of Tailored Garments, Blazers, Coats, Trousers, Skirts and Woven dresses Production of tailored garments, Blazers, Coats, Trousers, Skirts and woven dresses, in a CM CMT or fully factored Embroidery solutions Laser cutting solutions for fabrics Flocage Solutions.


At Twintex we have 4 production chains split in two production units.

Twintex unit 1:

  • One production chain for Blazers, Jackets and Coats, delivering 400 units a day.
  • One production chain for Trousers and Skirts, delivering 400 units a day.
  • One flexible production chain, for research and development, protos, collections and small runs, delivering 150 units a day.

Twintex unit 2:

  • One production chain for Blazers, Jackets and Coats, delivering 200 units a day.
  • The quality demand is the same across the 4 different production chains we have.

Fabric development

Another competitive advantage of Twintex, is the strong partnership which we have with some of the most well known Portuguese weavers. This gives us the facility of developing personalized, even exclusive, fabrics on design, weight and composition.

Twintex and the weavers live in a circle of 20km’s, therefore able to a tight control of the whole process.

Pattern development

Our dedicated team of pattern designers, using the most updated Lectra software, have the capability of developing the garments which Your designers idealize, from a simple sketch or photo, and a basic measurement chart.

Each pattern designer manages only designated clients, to make sure the full concept of each label is truly understood and respected.

Fabric Quality Control

Twintex established partnerships with several fabric Laboratories and fabric Finishing Companies, which allows us to have a very tight Quality Control on every fabric received.

Twintex provides fabric re-finishing, avoiding returning fabrics to many times foreign Mills, across Europe.


Correct working environment; latest machinery; deep knowledge of every fabric and component used; a Top Team aiming for the best results, is the path towards Quality.

At Twintex we are proud for having all these ingredients combined at right portions. Most of our new clients result from referrals from other companies, supplied by Twintex. Like once a client said:

"I should never say this... But You are indeed the best clothing manufacturer there is!!"
Buying director of world Brand

We show total respect for deliveries and dead lines, one important part of our Quality Concept.