Twintex Academy

Preparing our Team to be the Best in Class.

Training People to perform at the Highest level of Fashion Industry. The TWINTEX Academy aims to Qualify and Train our Team for the values we stand up for such as Quality, Environmental Concerns, Social Compliance, Customer Care and Respect, etc.

The TWINTEX Academy makes possible the dream of having Highly  Qualified People.

For offering a Cutting Edge Service, The Twintex Academy Qualifies and Requalifies our Human Resources.

Living in a Textile area by tradition  for sure is an advantage, this sensitiveness to manufacturing allows to transform working experience and passion, into the highest fashion quality, by The Art Of Manufacturing.

The University of Beira Interior is a privileged partner of the Twintex Academy,  convicted that this is the Route to create a solid Team with a common Goal, Principles and Motivations.