Twintex Presents the ECOLife Concept

Twintex keeps on pursuing its dream of building an infinitely sustainable System, by bringing together Ecology and Social Compliance in a new Concept : The ECOLife.

On the Social Compliance side, Twintex sees it in two ways: Internal and External.

On the Ecological Front, Twintex is proud of Producing 55% of its electricity demand with photovoltaic panels;  Usage of natural gas for the boiler; Pre-Heating of the water of the boiler with solar panels; Recycling of the industrial waste; Special roofing with major Thermal insulation; UV ray protection films to reduce air conditioning; Controlled tabs for water savings; Eco Friendly tube lighting; Limited Energy consumption machinery; Separation of office & human waste for recycling, and more measures converging on the protection of our planet. Twintex has the ISO 14001 Certification for Sustainability.

On the Social Compliance side, Twintex sees it in two ways: Internal and External

Twintex believes in motivating its workers internally to stimulate their talent and performance, and does it throughout different measures such as:  offering the Welcome Manual with rights and obligations; free Breast Cancer Survey every Year, back to School event & Christmas Event to offer School material and Christmas gifts to sons and daughters of our Workers; free consultations with Doctor & blood analysis at our premises every week. Twintex is also known to confidentially support its workers monetarily and judicially if that is the case. The highlight of the Social activity internally is the Twintex LIFE card, entitling Twintex´s workers and its first degree relatives to direct discounts in more than 10 services such as Pharmacist; Medical Care; Dental Care; Supermarket; Butcher; Fruit Shop; Physiotherapy; Eye Care; Gymnasium; Swimming Pool; Petrol Station, etc. , all with the goal of personal fulfilling and career stimulation at Twintex. By providing these benefits Twintex intends to develop a wave of positive energy inside the company.

Twintex with it 400 workers is the largest employer in the Council, therefore the responsibility towards the  Community is really high. Twintex keeps very close bonds local and National Associations in fields which vary from Solidarity; Public Health; Sports, Culture, Senior Associations; Kindergartens; Schools; High Schools; Universities; etc. . Twintex´s goal is to interact in an open, cooperative, straightforward way with these elements in order to create a wave of positive energy around the company.

Therefore Social Compliance is a Key Element for Twintex, in which portfolio we would like to highlight the Twintex LIFE Card, granting discounts to our workers in more than 10 different services: from the Pharmacist to Medical & Dental Care, passing through the Supermarket, Butcher or Fruit Shop.

We believe that Client Satisfaction, depends on our Happiness.

Twintex also keeps very close bonds with the local elementary School, as well as Solidarity, Cultural and Sports Associations.

Being aware of the importance of well-being of all employees and collaborators, and to consolidate the policy of social concern that we have been adopting in recent years, we are pleased to introduce you the Twintex Lifecard concept.

This card offers to our employees/collaborators and their immediate relatives (spouses, children and parents) several benefits contracted through protocols between our company and selected establishments listed here.

Clínica de Medicina Dentária A. Domingos Correia (Dentist)
Av. Monsenhor Santos Carreto, lt A, r/ch D, 6230 Fundão

5% discount on consultation and implants.
10% discount on prosthetics and surgery.

ClínicasCare(medical-surgical clinical)
Quinta Violetas Lote 24-r/c-D, 6000 Castelo Branco
Clínica do Fundão (medical- Clinic)
Avenida da Liberdade, nº 73, 1º 6230-398 Fundão
Eromedic (Clinical Analisis)
Avenida da Liberdade, nº 54- R/C 6230-398
10% discount Clinic Geral.
Discount General Clinic 25€ speciality consultations 40€, dentistry with 20% discount on the scale in force, medical examinations with 15€ of the scale in force, general Clinica + ECG + X-Ray Thorax 50€ Podiatry 5 sessions 100€ 3 weeks limit, Acupuncture 5 sessions 125€.
Carlos Mendes Fisioterapia e Osteopatia (physiotherapy and osteopathy)
R. Haapsalu, 25, 6230-287 Fundão

10% discount.

Óptica Geada Pinto
Praça do Município, nº 3, 6230-338 Fundão

20% discount on graduate glasses.

Pharmacy Sena Padez
Av. Eugénio Andrade Lote 65-lj 3, 6230-291 Fundão

Discount 5% in Dermoestétic Products dietary supplements and medicines selected.

Vivactivo – Gym
Pavilhão Desportivo Municipal do Fundão, Piso 0, 6230 Fundão

50% discount on registration.

Greengrocer Bento
Av. Dr. Alfredo Mendes Gil lt 6, 6230-287 Fundão

10% discount.

Supermarket Bento
Av. Dr. Alfredo Mendes Gil lt 6, 6230-287 Fundão

5% discount.

Butcher’s Sodavó
Av. Dr. Alfredo Mendes Gil, lt 7, 6230-287 Fundão

5% discount.

Restaurant Hermínia
Av. da Liberdade, 6230-123 Fundão

10% discount.

R. dos Três Lagares, Lote 2, 6230-421 Fundão

Several benefits to consult at the bank counter.

Auto Nevcar
E.N.18 – Sitio dos Paredões – Apt. 292, 6234 – 909 Fundão

Variable discount on the purchase of new or used cars, and services after sale discount from 10% to 25%.

SHIFT Fundão
Loteamento do Espirito Santo Lt.13 6230-4969 Fundão

Discount 10€ in the registration, 10% discount on the monthly free traffic (26.91€) Offer 1 trial class.

Papelaria Marina
Largo do Chafariz 8 bicas, 6230-327 Fundão

Discount 5% on the school books, 10% in Basic Material wear and 10% of all office supplies.

REPSOL Covilhã
Quinta da Olivosa – acesso da variante a Covilhã 6200-506 Covilhã

Discount 0.06€ per litre.

Centro de Explicações e Ocupação dos Tempos Livres
Largo Caminheiros da Gardunha Lote 22, 6239-327 Fundão

10% discount.