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Twintex offered a solidarity lunch, that got together some of the most influent institutions of our region. The representatives of the Red Cross from Fundão and Covilhã, the National Charity Centre, Fundão Town Hall and Social Shop, got together in a solidarity lunch to give hands and reunite solidarity efforts to the year 2016.

solidary lunch



The IAPMEI (the Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation) awarded Twintex with the distinction of “Enterprise Leader 2015”, demonstrating the elevated Industrial, Human and Social performances which Twintex is consolidating. "We know where we come from, as well as we know where we are heading”, promising to keep on motivating human resources for challenges to come.

enterprise leader 15'



Twintex got the pleasure of the visit of the President of ANIVEC/APIV (Portuguese Association of Clothing and Manufacturing Industries). He was very pleased with what he saw and had the care to enlighten the work we have been doing, encouraging the team to go further.

anivec / apiv visit


The SMETA is a common audit methodology and report format compiling best practices in ethical trade audit techniques. It proves that ethical trading is taking place. The scope of a SMETA audit incorporates both the ETI Base Code and other key ethical related requirements. These include Labour Standards, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.

smeta audit certificate



Twintex gets together w/ the Humanitarian Group of Covilhã to set the biannual Blood Donation at the factory facilities. A professional team of Doctors and Nurses examine all and give the right support to 1st-time donors. Every time is a good time to save lives.

in-house blood donation



At Twintex we care with the well-being and development of our children, in this sense we support the activity “Plant a Musician”, which happens every year with the guidance of the music teacher, Luís Cipriano. We are very happy to Congratulate all-new Certified Musicians!”

plant a musician



Santa Casa Da Misericórdia da Covilhã is one of the most relevant Social Institutions in Town. Their services provide solutions and well being for Babies, Children and Retired People 365 days a year. TWINTEX was challenged by Tecidos Paulo De Oliveira to develop a partnership in order to offer the Staff Uniform for this Excellent Team.

santa casa da misericordia Fundão



Twintex was honoured to receive the official visit of the Secretary of State for employment Dr. Octávio Oliveira. At the end of the visit, the perception that Twintex remains to be a role model company when it comes to environmental and social matters was unanimous. The heartfelt farewells were registered on the company’s Honor Book with wishes of happiness and success for the future.

secretary of state visit 



At Twintex we believe companies have an important role when it comes to regional development promotion but – above everything – they are equally responsible for its sustainability. Truth is – without solidarity – a lasting, all-inclusive and efficient development simply does not exist. In this sense, we could only help Loja Social do Fundão, which partnership with Twintex already became a tradition.

fundão social store donation



Every year Santa comes to Twintex and delivers a range of Christmas gifts to our Team's Children. It is a moment shared by all in such a lovely time as Christmas. There is breakfast for all and gifts delivery by management.

Christmas party



Back to school is already a tradition at Twintex. This is an open day that our Team's Children have the opportunity of visiting their parents' workplace and get the Twintex Stationery Kit. This is an initiative that we believe motivates children and empowers our TeamWork.

back to School



The year 2014 brought Twintex greatest achievements. After the 35th anniversary, the City Council of Fundão inaugurated Twintex's Avenue by given the name of the Founder, António Mineiro.

antónio Mineiro avenue



One small step can bring a lot of changes. To celebrate Twintex's anniversary, the company finished the second phase of the sustainable path: Installation of more Photovoltaic Panels able to produce more than 55% of energy demand and now a Team of more than 400 people, the biggest employer in Fundão turns itself greener.

35th  anniversary



The Portuguese Ministry of Economy granted the status of Enterprise of Strategic Interest to Twintex Invest Group as a sign of recognition for its social and economical relevance.

Enterprise of strategic interest



IADE - Creative University- awarded Twintex with the 'Invest Award 2014' due to all support given to the University during the Academic Year. The tailored garment company dedicates its strengths to empower the future. 

iade invest award


Estetoscópio no cardiogram

Twintex stepped ahead with this very new project available to all employees. The biggest employer in Fundão offers now in-hose medical appointments totally free of charge for all team and their family! Adding to this assistance, every week Twintex has analysis lab available to all. 

medical assistance



Several years of hard work, commitment and P.D investigation, Twintex is now offering Full Canvas & Half Canvas construction on Women Blazers. This technique offers unique comfort whilst showing tailoring details. Twintex's Clients will be soon invited for the first tailoring workshop.

tailored heritage



Sustainability is a concept that Twintex is aiming to adopt in its daily life & create awareness amongst all Team, Clients and Partners. The factory moves forward with the installation and inauguration of more than 1000 sqm of Photovoltaic Panels. This step took us to be the first Clothing Manufacturer in Portugal to produce 30% of its own energy.

pioneer on sustainability



The 265th Anniversary of Fundão County was celebrated w/ distinction for Twintex. The City Council has decided to reward the Biggest Employer of this area with a team of more than 300 people, António Mineiro, Father, Owner & CEO of Twintex

city council medal



Twintex is committed to improving factory conditions and exceeding standards for their Team and investing in the local community. The 'Protect Award' by Burberry defends Social Responsibility at Twintex and puts the Brand values into practice every day. This award was handed by Angela Ahrendt, Andy Janowsh, Fabrizio Fabbio and Isabelle Von Watzdorf.

Burburry Award


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