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Imagine more than 400 people wearing pink.
Imagine these people all together in the same place, working. Imagine the motive they are wearing pink clothes. October 30, Twintex team got together with PINK POWER to show all support for beloved ones and The Portuguese League Against Cancer. These people are amazing,

Pink Power!



Last Month, September 23rd, we had at Twintex the biannual blood donation. As usual, our employees were committed to helping those who might need.
We are very proud of our team!

Blood Donation at Twintex



September 28th. In 2019, our team celebrates 40 Years since the Company which created Twintex was founded by António Mineiro. Now with Bruno Mineiro and Mico Mineiro taking the lead,the family trio is taking the next step in the business with the very New Logistic Centre which holds Warehouse, Cutting Department, Thermofusing, Trims Department and Raw Material Warehouse and it leaves a significant space at Twintex Main Building for a Production Expansion and Improvement. The outcome will be a fresh space for our team, a technological area to suit our production needs and better conditions overall.

40y & New Logistic



September 30th in Paris, the 5 Examples, Calvelex, Paulo de Oliveira, Polopique, Riopele and Twintex got together in Paris to demonstrate the Know-How of all Portuguese Industry. We are delighted to be part of this event and be among the other 4 amazing companies and share the same thought of improvement to be the best in class. One more step to reach the goal: The Clothing Manufacturer of the Future

Take a look at:

Twintex at Zona Industrial MODAPORTUGAL



In 24th September of 1979, the Organization that created Twintex was founded, so in 2019 we are together to celebrate 40 Years of Business with those who make everything possible: Our Entire Team.

We are very proud of everyone who works with us and for us, because without these hard-working people we never could think about our main goal – To be the Manufacturer of the Future – Because our People are the future. This Tuesday, our workers delivered a surprise party to everyone with a magician, food and drinks for those who really deserve it – Our Workers.

Thank You to be part of The Twintex Team!

40th Anniversary



This month was highlighted by our Back to School Event!

Our team got together alongside their kids for a great moment of joy and the delivery of School Kits which count with the best stationery set to have an amazing first day at school.

Twintex Back to School



Last August 19th, we welcomed our MK workers who are now officially part of the huge Twintex Team. Now they are working within a totally refurbished area designed to deliver all the comfort needed to our team. This space is a piece of Twintex’s future and all people who daily work with us, we are looking forward to changing all factory and be a step closer to be the manufacturer of the future.

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New refurbished area



Twintex opened a new Logistics Center, an investment that allows for increased production and organization.
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Full content:

New Logistics Center



Twintex promotes team spirit! On June 29th, a Futsal Tournament between companies was hold in Covilhã. We counted on Twintex, Benoli Confecções Lda and Confecções Lança, Lda who participated and empowered moments of many laughs. Confecções Lança as the greatest winner will organize the next Futsal moment but this time, Twintex will looking forward to be the next Champion of the Champions.

Twintex is very proud of our ladies who were unstoppable!

Champion Tournament



Twintex through the LEI Code is capable of being uniquely identified at the international level.
This has increased transparency and confidence among stakeholders during operations and also it reduces risks of market abuse and financial fraud against money laundering.

LEI Certificate



Twintex is facing the new experience of women “made to measure”



At June 14th, the 1st Beira Baixa Business Forum took place in Castelo Branco with the presence of Twintex’s CEO, Bruno Mineiro who spoke up about Internationalization and Competitiveness. Twintex exports 100% of its production for the major fashionable brands worldwide, we do NY, Canada, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and many more, so we need to keep improving our methods and be one step forward to suit our Clients needs and be the clothing manufacturer of the future.

1st Beira Baixa Business Forum



Twintex has launched the very new T’shirt of 2019! This T’shirt is available to every employee who wants to buy one and get one more for free and support a local association. This year, Twintex has chosen to keep it simple with a white background which shows our transparency and reliableness as a company and four different color options on the Twintex logo: Green, Orange, Black and Blue. These represent each concept of our company, the ideas that we stand for: Environment; Social Responsibility; Quality and Innovation.

Which one would You like to be part of?

Twintex New T’shirt



June 5th. Twintex has a daily concern about the impacts on the environment so as to reduce Ecological Footprint. We did installed photovoltaic panels which allow us to produce 55% of our energy and solar panels to heat up the majority of the water used in production. Also, Twintex uses natural gas, thermal roof, UV protection filters in every window, natural water source, eco-friendly machinery which leads us to save tons of energy and paper per year. Twintex looks forward to being the factory of the future and it can just be possible with a “Green Attitude”.

World Environment Day



At Twintex each day has worth! This month, Twintex has organized a Green Week full of activities for our employees. We had a Different Day, Different fruit event, Workshops, Body Training, Live Music, 4 different recipes with the fruit of the day, and many more!

Twintex is proud to be able to offer to every worker a different experience while working and afterwards.

Twintex Green Week



Twintex is expanding its list of partners so we can secure more exclusive discounts to our Employees! Due to our LifeCard we give exclusive discounts also to all your direct family members!

Twintex Life Card



At Twintex, we enjoy to surprise our employees and make their day a happy one. So, every month we surprise them with a moment of music on their lunch break. Twintex w/ Music Academy of Fundão got together to bring such a lovely moment to all employees and let them more motivated for the rest of the day.

Twintex Musical



At Twintex, we are dedicated to our employees and their welfare. Therefore, Twintex with 4 physiotherapy students from ESALD – Escola Superior de Saúde Dr. Lopes Dias de Castelo Branco – got together to organize physiotherapy sessions for all interested employees.

Physiotherapy at Twintex



Twintex has helped Mozambique! A partnership w/ Cruz Vermelha of Covilhã, Twintex was able to provide hundreds of nourishment for those who need the most.

Let’s Help Mozambique!

Let’s Help Mozambique!



Twintex helped the Portuguese League Against Cancer with a donation of more than 100 pieces to support this cause.

Portuguese League Against Cancer



At Twintex we do not miss important days! On March 8th we congratulated all the Ladies in the factory! We had distributed more than 300 flowers on this special day. Happy Women’s Day for all Women in the world!

International Women’s Day



On February 15th, Twintex had the pleasure of receiving at the factory the Minister of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques and the Lady Secretary of State for Citizenship and equality, Rosa Monteiro! We made a guided tour in the factory. After that they signed in the honour book.

Visit of Minister of the Presidency 



According to the Portuguese National Statistics Institute (INE- Instituto Nacional de Estatística), Twintex is among the most important garment exporters of the country. Twintex is in the 46ª position of this ranking and represents 0.5% of the total exports.  The Twintex good results wouldn’t be possible without the “best team of the world.

Twintex leading garment exporter



The traditional Twintex Christmas party was held for all children who were the main character in this festivity.
Every year, Twintex holds a Christmas party, where all our workers’ children, according to their age, receive educational gifs. Without missing the youngest ones, to all new-parents were offered a full New-Baby Kit, where it contained a range of essential products for better care of the new baby. In this festivity, there were recreational activities for children, which allowed them to get to know better and integrate with their parents’ workplace.

Twintex Christmas Party



Once again Twintex is the leading SME of 2018, this award is provided by IAPMEI (Agency for competitivity and innovation). This distinction is given due to the high performance of the company within the market place and its business strategy, playing an important role for the economic growth of the Country.

The Leading SME 18'



Twintex has undergone rigorous new audits that have certified the company to the highest standards in the world. These are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA 8000. ISO 9001: Quality certification that requires a high structural development of the company, which has greater ease of production, optimized processes and guarantees of conformity.
ISO 14001: Certification focused on the environmental area. Companies that achieve this brand have a deep concern about their environmental impact. Actions such as photovoltaic panels and production that reaches 55% of the internal consumption of electric energy were praised.
SA 8000: Certification of a social nature. Responsibility to employees, customers and the environment are characteristics of Twintex that have been taken into account for the certification.

certified company



Twintex has renewed its known shipper protocol, which expires in 2023. With high safety requirements and heavy investments, Twintex can ship orders to any part of the world without being retained and verified at customs. With the renewed protocol the company guarantees greater agility and integrity of the exported goods.

shipping protocol


In order to overcome ever more demanding challenges in relation to the work and well-being of the population, Twintex successfully renews another Smeta audit. The global SEDEX audit is an evaluation of companies that aims to qualify them from the good use of ethics. SMETA is an audit of global scope, so that the achievement of its certificate means an international proficiency in ethics and good relations of health and work.

smeta audit



This was the highlight of Issue 410 by Exame magazine when it brought to the public an accurate survey of the 2146 Portuguese companies that were honored with the title of PME Líder (SME leader). In this universe Twintex appears in position 255 being pointed as an accelerator of the growth of the country, taking advantage of a sustainable growth for the environment and for the Portuguese economy, without neglecting the investment in innovation and development by integrating all this dynamics into unprecedented social and regional care.

twintex - The leading pme



The success of the RTP 1 television program, “Missão 100% Português” came to Twintex in episode number 15. In exemplifying the large and worldwide Portuguese textile and garment sector, Twintex was singled out as a success case.

Check out the program at the link below:

mission 100% pt



The new edition of the newspaper Textile (No. 224) was printed with the words of Customer Management Director of Twintex. According to him, Portuguese clothing is experiencing a period of maturity and prosperity after a “painful” phase. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of human resources and school-to-business partnerships, a model adopted by Twintex in partnership with Modatex. For the future, the Director highlights the presence of machinery and automation, which represent a strong investment in the industry today

twx at jornal têxtil



About 100 pieces of high-quality garments were part of the donation to the Casa de Nossa Senhora de Fátima. The institution aims to raise funds for the purchase of a bus, which will allow greater mobility for children attending the institution, including for educational excursions. The garments will be sold at the institution’s events and all the money raised will be reversed for the cause. 

garments donation


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