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From 1979 until today, Twintex has always produced molds that would later give rise to your clothes. In the very beginning, due to our own collection and brand - The Young People -, pattern designing was essential for children's clothing. The Young People brand was well known at the time from the north to the south of Portugal. Later, Twintex started working internationally, mainly for the Nordic countries, & we started to make molds for men and later for women. Until the end of 1990, the molds and plans (marked) were all made manually, using cardboard, ruler, square, compass, and scissors, among others. This was a very time-consuming job, the graduations called the development of sizes that took days and days to execute and sometimes even weeks. Sounds like an exaggeration, but it's not. Just think of a blazer made up of 30 pieces (fabric, lining, interlinings, and templates) multiplied by 12 sizes, the result is 360 molds that needed to be executed and subsequently cut. But in early 1991, the company's pattern designing revolution took place with the purchase of Lectra's CAD system, which at the time was called LS Model, which later evolved into Modaris and Modaris Expert. This computer system with its multiple tools, in addition to substantially streamlining the modeling, has allowed for greater precision in measurements, greater quality in our work.

Paula Oliveira
Pattern Designer Manager