Know it All about Twintex.

Twintex (Twintex Invest Group) is a Portuguese Family Manufacturer of High Quality Women and Men Ready to Wear. Born 40 years ago, the company relies on more than 400 people who work daily to develop TOP tailored garments.

Full Product Development takes place at Twintex Main for Blazers, Coats, Dresses, Trousers, Skirts or Shorts with a daily output of 3600 Garments. The High-Quality Production is a Standard for us whether it takes place at Twintex Main or at one of our 21 Satellites. In total, we are more than 2000 people committed to deliver the best service to our Clients.

The Creative Direction of our Clients is fully respected by an entire Dedicated Team where our Pattern Designers are comfortable to develop efficient patterns from a simple sketch or photo.

In 2019, Twintex launched a very special project to celebrate four decades of Business, The Twintex Logistic Center, with total area of 4000 Sqm and only five minutes away from Twx Main. The new facility welcomes Raw Material Warehouses, Cutting Department, Thermo-Fusion, Ready Garment Warehouse and Production Expedition. Our Main Building is now upgraded into more comfortable, spacious and efficient structure.

Our Clients are The Leading Fashion Brands, a sign of the High-Quality Standard of our Production.

A really Important Service is the Steady Partnership with the best Fabric Mills in Europe and with the most prestigious Portuguese Weavers who enable us to deliver the possibility of developing unique fabrics at a competitive price.

Twintex acquires fabrics from around World and keeps them in a private inventory of Fabrics, Trims, Samples and Relevant Magazines from former Seasons, in order to provide a range of options to our Client.