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António Mineiro Sewing School

by Twintex

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 12:05 PM

Cova da Beira’s advanced training center is out of planning and ready to give high quality and high level of specialization. It is a partnership between the town hall, the professional school, the commercial association, the University of Beira Interior and the Institute of employment and professional training, which aims to adapt workers to the needs of companies.

Focused on three large areas, agriculture, technology and precision industry, the new advanced training center has already started, with advanced French classes focused on polishing and technology. And if there are technology and investment in quality in the region, there is Twintex. The founder of the company, António Mineiro was honored with a classroom in his name, where emotions, innovations and regional development are manufactured. Cova da Beira’s advanced training center is prepared to receive most of the students in September and already has countless registrations for the various courses offered.

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