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Blood Donation at Twintex

by Twintex

Posted on October 04, 2017 at 16:56 PM

Through a partnership with the Covilhã Humanitarian Blood Group, on October 3rd Twintex performs blood collection at the factory for the sixth time. The donation was free for all employees who would like to participate in the cause. Together, the group and Twintex have harvested more than 30 volunteers, increasingly raising Twintex’s mission of social concern.

“For Company Management of Twintex

The Direction of the Human Blood Donors Group of Covilhã thanks the availability of facilities and the conditions provided to make possible the collection of blood made today.

We want to involve the support team between the Humanitarian Group and the donors. Wishing the continuity of many happiness and health for your Company. Administration and Employees, we endorse ourselves with humanitarian greetings.

The Vice-President of Direction

José Nunes “

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