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Twintex, a Pioneer on Sustainability

by Twintex

Posted on January 13, 2020 at 11:53 AM

Twintex started its path towards sustainability in 2010 through awareness of environmentally conscious measures not only in its production processes but also in its headquarters.
In 2013, the investment in photovoltaic panels allowed the company to produce 35% of the energy it requires to operate. The following year, that number increased to 55%, allowing the company to save up to 50 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

 The UV treatment on windows, together with the solar panels installed on the rooftops, allows the temperature inside the facilities to be stabilized and controlled, therefore reducing the dependency on air conditioning units.

 These same solar panels are used to support the natural gas boiler, reducing by 50% the energy required to heat up the water for production usage.

 In the pursuit of a minimal ecological footprint, several other solutions were created by Twintex. From using water gathered by rain-collecting systems to automatic digital cutting plans, every investment made by the company has in its roots a concern for the environment. This mindset allows Twintex to distinguish itself from other companies in the sector, making it a true pioneer in sustainability.

 All these measures, combined with a strict conscious use of natural resources and an investment in environment-friendly machinery, paved the way, in 2012, for the company to successfully participate in the “European Enterprise Promotion Awards”, with the project “Twintex Supports the Community and the Environment”.

 In the following year, Twintex’s sustainable actions rewarded the company with the “Sustainability Award”, given by one of the biggest world known and award-winning clothing brand.
The company was also recognized for the same reasons in 2018 by CENIT and ANIVEC during the event ModaPortugal, which took place in Porto.

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