Clothing Manufacturer Of The Future!

Twintex is driven by Integrity, Quality & The Environment.

We do believe in our Team Work so o keep providing a balanced environment where Employees can boost their potential and thrive in an Atmosphere of Excellence while having a Good Experience with Business Partners and Different Activities in House.

Always aiming to Be The Clothing Manufacturer of The Future, Twintex delivers the best Quality to our Clients with a full set of opportunities to Empower Your Business with a Strong Focus on Sustainability.

In Respect of Quality, Human Resources & The Environment to provide the Highest Client Satisfaction

António Mineiro


Bruno Mineiro

Director of Client Management

Mico Mineiro

Country Manager

Rui Folgado

Director of Production & Product Development

Catarina Manuel

Director of Client Managers

Catarina Martins

Client Manager

Idalina Antunes

Client Manager

Mariana Salvado

Client Manager