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founded in 1979, twintex is on a mission to be the clothing manufacturer of the future.

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Founded in September 1979, Mr. António Mineiro was 34Y & had already accumulated a wealth of experience. For over 6 years, he develops the company that becomes later Twintex through the Art of manufacturing Children Clothing exclusively for the national market but at the right time, the company was opening up the foreign market, to which, gradually, it started to offer and develop the production of articles for Women, which in a short time, would leave behind children's garments. 

Nowadays, Mr. Mineiro is entitled as the founder of the biggest manufacturer of Beira Interior & with more than 7 decades of experience that shaped his sensitiveness in the fashion industry, he continues sharing his knowledge with the entire Team looking forward to delivering the best service to his clients based on High-Quality Products.

"Our path started with the production of Children's clothing. These days, we produce Women's and Men's clothing. Children have grown up and so have we."

António Mineiro, The Founder


Twintex (Twintex Invest Group) is a Portuguese Family Manufacturer of High-Quality Women's and Men's Outerwear led by Mr. Mineiro's sons, Bruno Mineiro, CEO and Mico Mineiro, COO who are in the front row of the Family Business.

The Mineiro brothers with their father values have revolutionized the company with a new creative & futuristic vision which became an open door for the growth of the industry.


Twintex relies on more than 400 people who work daily to develop high-quality tailored garments while protecting the environment. Social & Environmental responsibilities were reinforced by the second generation who believe that a healthy community depends on a healthier Planet so, over the last decade, the factory has had social and environmental programmes in place designed to drive positive change and build a more sustainable future.

Twintex is in an Era that CSR & Sustainability are working with cutting-edge technology & high quality to create a positive impact in the Fashion Industry which is a daily goal for us & for Leading Fashion Brands/Designers that we work with. 

"We are the brand of brands and we make brands happen. Brands have all this creative spectrum and it's up to us to make it happen. This is our vision of the future."

Bruno Mineiro, CEO



Twintex aims to be the Clothing Manufacturer of the Future through the continuous investment in Quality, CSR & Protection of the Environment. Therefore, all Team is trained to follow these strands on their daily responsibilities whether it is at Twintex or at one of the 19 Satellites whom we work with. In total, we are more than 2000 people committed to delivering upper personalized service & average daily output of 3600 Garments.


Twintex with 8 production chains, samples dept. & top quality finishes does the full Product Development of Women's & Men's Blazers, Coats, Dresses, Trousers, Skirts or Shorts & each Client has an entire dedicated Team with a Client Manager, Product Developer, Pattern Designer & Assistants that work in tune to develop your vision.

4 Decades of Experience and living in a textile area is for sure an advantage to have a wide fabric stock: Travel Suit, Cady, Twill, Taffetá, Linen, Flannel, Melton, Partridge Eye, Prince of Wales, Pied de Poule, Velvet, Tweed & Seersucker are many of the fabrics that we work with to produce your creative idea.

In 2019, The Twintex Logistics Centre was launched, with a total area of 4000 Sqm & it welcomes Raw Material Warehouses, Cutting Department, Thermo-Fusion, Ready Garment Warehouse and Production Expedition which led us to increase and improve our offer & to upgrade Twintex Main into a more comfortable, spacious and efficient structure.

"Twintex, as a business, has the mission of providing its team with the best possible conditions so that everyone can have the best performance during their working day"

Mico Mineiro, COO



With a reliable network of Fabric Mills, we offer our clients the possibility of developing specific fabrics. 

Our Garments are manufactured Recreating Tailoring Techniques with the newest technology, resulting in cutting edge Ready to Wear. Twintex has 7 production chains and Protocoled Portuguese Production Partners permanently controlled by Twintex’s Outsourcing Teams.

Your Vision: your Garment

Based on Lectra CAD-CAM system, we develop the garment which reflects Your exact Vision. Our Pattern Designers develop efficient patterns from a simple sketch or photo and each Client has its own Pattern Designer.

4 decades of experience

Almost 40 years of experience brought us to the highest standard of development and production of Ready to Wear. Great Working Environment, Well Trained and Happy Team, Ultimate Technology: a Full Set fighting for the best Quality.


Tailoring & Technology

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